Top YouTube Gospel Music Playlists & Artists

Gospel music has a unique ability to touch and inspire people’s hearts and souls. With the advent of technology, millions of people worldwide can now access a vast collection of gospel music on YouTube and enjoy the uplifting spiritual melodies from their favorite artists. This article explores the most popular YouTube gospel music playlists and artists and showcases their remarkable talent and inspiring journeys.

Whether you’re seeking comfort during challenging times or want to sing along to your favorite gospel worship songs, YouTube gospel music offers a vast collection of playlists and artists to cater to every listener’s taste.

Key Takeaways:

  • YouTube is a powerful platform for gospel music offering millions of users access to a vast collection of gospel music playlists and artists.
  • The popularity of gospel music playlists on YouTube reflects its ability to uplift and inspire people of all walks of life.
  • The emergence of new gospel music artists on YouTube allows a diverse range of talent to be recognized and appreciated.
  • Gospel music on YouTube plays an essential role in enriching faith, providing comfort, and connecting communities worldwide.
  • YouTube gospel music has something to offer everyone seeking spiritual uplifting music.

Popular YouTube Gospel Music Playlists

YouTube has emerged as a primary platform for gospel music, offering a vast selection of playlists tailored to every listener’s taste and spiritual needs. In this section, we highlight some of the most popular gospel music playlists on YouTube, ranging from energetic to soothing melodies.

Playlist Name Theme Duration Artists/Songs Included
Prince of Peace Worship and Praise 2:30:35 Hillsong Worship, Travis Greene, The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, and more
Healing Music Relaxation and Comfort 1:45:09 Don Moen, Cece Winans, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, and more
Great Gospel Choirs Choir Anthems 2:19:36 The Mississippi Mass Choir, Chicago Mass Choir, Alabama Mass Choir, and more
Gospel Jazz Music Jazz Fusion 1:17:23 Kirk Whalum, Ben Tankard, Jonathan Butler, and more
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Each playlist has unique attributes that cater to specific spiritual and emotional needs. For instance, Prince of Peace features energetic worship and praise songs, while Healing Music has a soothing selection of hymns for comfort and relaxation. Great Gospel Choirs showcases powerful choir anthems, and Gospel Jazz Music features jazz fusion renditions of gospel classics.

These playlists, compiled by various YouTube channels and artists, feature top gospel music artists such as Hillsong Worship, Travis Greene, Don Moen, and Cece Winans. Whether you’re looking for up-tempo gospel music to start your day or uplifting hymns for meditation, these playlists have something for everyone.

popular gospel music playlists

Inspiring Gospel Music Artists on YouTube

YouTube has become a hub for talented gospel music artists to showcase their gifts to a global audience. From powerful vocalists to gifted musicians, gospel artists on YouTube have been instrumental in spreading the message of faith and hope to millions of viewers worldwide. Here, we highlight some of the top gospel music artists on YouTube who have captured the hearts of listeners:

Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin is a Grammy award-winning American gospel musician, singer-songwriter, and choir director. With over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube, Franklin is one of the most popular gospel music artists on the platform. He is known for his energetic performances and powerful lyrics that inspire and uplift his listeners. Franklin’s latest album, “Long Live Love,” released in 2019, has been a major hit among fans.

Erica Campbell

Erica Campbell is a multi-talented American gospel singer and songwriter who gained fame as part of the music duo, Mary Mary. With over 150,000 subscribers on YouTube, Campbell is a sought-after gospel music artist known for her soulful voice and heart-stirring lyrics. She released her latest album, “Linen,” in 2020, which features hit songs like “Praying and Believing” and “More Than Friends.”

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Tasha Cobbs Leonard

Tasha Cobbs Leonard is an American gospel musician and songwriter who has won multiple awards for her music. With over 800,000 subscribers on YouTube, Cobbs Leonard’s music has touched the hearts of listeners worldwide. She is known for her dynamic stage presence and soulful voice, which she uses to lead worship. Her latest album, “Royalty: Live at The Ryman,” released in 2020, features hit tracks like “In Spite of Me” and “Mary’s Song.”

YouTube Gospel Singers

William McDowell

William McDowell is an American gospel worship leader, singer, and songwriter who has been creating music for over 20 years. With over 300,000 subscribers on YouTube, McDowell is known for his heartfelt lyrics and powerful worship anthems. His latest album, “The Cry,” released in 2019, has been praised for its unique sound and soul-stirring messages.

Maverick City Music

Maverick City Music is a Christian music collective that gained fame for their captivating performances and uplifting worship songs. With over 350,000 subscribers on YouTube, Maverick City Music’s music has touched the hearts of many listeners worldwide. Their latest album, “Maverick City, Vol. 3 Pt. 1,” released in 2021, has been a major hit among fans for its soulful sound and inspiring messages.


As this article has highlighted, YouTube provides a vast platform for gospel music lovers worldwide, with a diverse range of gospel music playlists and artists available. Whether seeking spiritual uplifting music or faith-based music playlists, YouTube has something for everyone.

The power of spiritual uplifting music cannot be overstated. It has the ability to uplift the spirit, strengthen faith, and connect communities. Through gospel music, people can find solace in difficult times, inspiration when seeking a new direction, or praise for blessings received.

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In conclusion, gospel music on YouTube is a gift that keeps on giving. From the most popular gospel music playlists to the inspiring gospel music artists, the platform caters to every listener’s taste and spiritual needs. It is a powerful tool for spreading hope, joy, and positivity.


Can I listen to gospel music playlists on YouTube?

Absolutely! YouTube is a great platform to find and enjoy gospel music playlists. There are numerous channels and artists that curate uplifting and inspiring gospel music collections for everyone to enjoy.

Are there popular gospel music playlists on YouTube?

Yes, YouTube is home to many popular gospel music playlists. These playlists feature a variety of gospel worship songs, hymns, and spiritual melodies that have garnered millions of views and touched the hearts of countless listeners.

Who are some inspiring gospel music artists on YouTube?

YouTube is a hub for talented gospel music artists. From renowned gospel singers to emerging talents, you can discover a wide range of incredible voices and inspirational performances on the platform. These artists share their faith through their music and have garnered a dedicated fan base globally.

Why is gospel music on YouTube significant?

Gospel music on YouTube is significant because it allows people to access and enjoy soul-stirring melodies, hymns, and worship songs anytime and anywhere. YouTube offers a vast collection of gospel music playlists that cater to different preferences and spiritual needs, making it a go-to platform for believers and music lovers alike.

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